The resources of our world are limited. Our environment needs consideration and protection.


We believe that everyone can contribute to the protection of the environment. It is our aim to ensure sustainability of our products and services. We are committed to do the following in order to protect the environment:


-Use recycled paper for correspondence and packaging.


-Use the “GoGreen” delivery service of Deutsche Post (German Post Office)


-Re-use packaging


-Sort waste for recycling


-Use environment-friendly paints and varnishes


-Use recycled foil to protect trade show carpets


-Link all IT equipment to power mains switch to minimise standby power use.


-Re-use building materials wherever possible.




Tobias Hirt
Am Bächelchen 2
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: 06109/70 14 60

Telefax: 06109/37 78 45

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